Thursday, September 4, 2014

United! Box Set eBook

I am pleased to announce that Teyla Branton (One of Rachel Ann Nunes' pen names) Andrea Pearson, Stephanie Fowers, Frank Morin, Debra Efert, and Kathleen Marks are each selling one of their books together as a boxed set.  All of them are in the fantasy genre, (one of my favorites) and they all sound really exciting!  You can read all about these books here!  They've been donated by their authors to help support Rachel Nunes in her case against a plagiarist who stole her book, Love to the Highest Bidder, also called Bid for Love, changed a few words, added steamy sex scenes, and then tried to pass it off as her own work.  I was floored when I found out that this person was an educated professional who should have known better.  It makes me scared for my own work, and for the work of other reputable authors.  I hope that after this, would be plagiarists will see that honest authors are united and support each other, and I hope that these folks think twice before stealing someone else's stories.  

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