Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Escape from Zarahemla- by Chris Heimerdinger

I have been a fan of the Tennis Shoes series since I was a kid, and have enjoyed the adventures of Jim Hawkins and his friends and relatives.  So every time Chris Heimerdinger comes out with a new book, I'm usually one of the first to read it.  I can't honestly say that I read Escape from Zarahemla, by Chris Heimerdinger since I listened to it on CD, but I did, well, experience the story.  And it was great! 

Here, we find the story that left off at the end of Passage to Zarahemla, and continues the story of Kerra and Brock, and their dad.  Their troubles haven't ended, in fact in Escape from Zarahemla, they're only getting worse!  We get to meet a few characters we haven't met before, like Kerra's new step mother, and half brother, and we also get to meet, again, some characters who look, well, strangely familiar.  To my delight, in fact, Escape from Zarahemla, is where we see two previously separate series converging into one, and I am excited to see what will come in the future from Chris Heimerdinger!