Friday, February 19, 2016

Oquirrh Elementary Literacy Night

February 18th, I was so very lucky to visit Oquirrh Elementary School in Jordan School district to talk about my books, and the important parts of a story.

Oquirrh Elementary put on a great Literacy Night for students and their families on the 18th of February, and I am so glad I was asked to join them.  The evening began with a pizza dinner and veggies, and then the students and their parents listened to an assembly.  Then, students and their parents split up to different classes.  Near the class where I taught, there was a class that was teaching students and their parents Spanish, and there were quite a lot of other interesting classes to choose from!  I'm glad that some of the people chose to come to mine, where I taught about the parts of a story's plot.  I hope they enjoyed it!  Thanks so much to the kids and parents that joined my class, and to the kids who helped out with the little play at the end!  I especially appreciate the boys who were good sports, and were willing to dress up like princesses and evil witches!  They were great!

Thanks especially to Keri Corfield the Literacy/Climate and Cultural Specialist!  She was so helpful, and absolutely great!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Toru: Wayfarer Returns by Stephanie R. Sorensen

I recently had the great fortune to read a book that is coming out soon by Stephanie R. Sorensen, a very talented and imaginative author.  Her book Toru: Wayfarer Returns has a lot of elements that I particularly enjoyed.

First of all, the setting is Japan, a country to which I have a particular liking, since I spent a year and half there as a missionary for the LDS church.  I loved the country and its beauty.  I like the cities, but I especially liked the nature and mountains.  I lived in Sapporo and Asahikawa on Hokkaido, so I was never far from mountains.

Secondly, I really like SteamPunk!  It's a particularly fun genre, and this has it!  I thought the dirigibles were a great addition to the story.

Thirdly, I thought the main characters were strong, brave, independent people, and I always appreciate go-getters, rather than characters that ho-hum, and expect things to be handed to them.  These characters were awesome!

Check it out on amazon here!  If you like Japan and SteamPunk, or just one or the other, then this is definitely a book you will enjoy!

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Zion Trail by Marsha Ward

The Zion Trail by Marsha Ward (c) 2016
I am excited to write about The Zion Trail, a new book by Marsha Ward.  It's coming out Feb 19, so be on the lookout for it!  It is a wonderful, coming-of-age book about a young man named Elijah Marshall who joins the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and crosses the plains.  

Young Elija, "Lije" for short, offers a drink to two tired looking men who offer his family a short message about Jesus Christ and after that, his life is never the same.

Author Marsha Ward
The book is full of adventure, excitement, sorrow, and a little bit of romance, too.  If you like Marsha Ward's books, you will LOVE The Zion Trail.  This is one of her best!

Read more about The Zion Trail on Marsha Ward's blog, and her other awesome books on her amazon page, or her website!