Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alma by Heather Moore

On the way to and from work, a commute of 40 minutes, I listen to books on CD, and over the past few years, I've listened to some great books, including Wind in the Willows, The Hobbit, White Fang, and others.
I recently finished a story that I was very impressed with. Alma, by Heather Moore, was a wonderful story based on events from the Book of Mormon. Ms. Moore did a fantastic job researching ancient American life, and bringing well known characters, and others from the Book of Mormon to life, and showing the kinds of people they may have been. It also introduced some characters that are not mentioned by name in the Book of Mormon, but were no doubt a big part of all the goings on, like Alma's wife, Maia, and others.
One thing that really impressed me, is how Ms. Moore handled her bad guys, chiefly her main bad guy, Amulon. She was able to show Amulon's motives and his reasons for doing things very believably without turning him into a stereotypical villain.
This was a great book that I enjoyed listening to, and I recommend it very strongly to anyone who enjoys well written, historical fiction!