Saturday, November 14, 2020

Jesse Sings by Victor Hess

Jesse Sings by Victor Hess is about the struggles a young boy named Jesse goes through in the mid twentieth century. Jesse and his mom escape an abusive father, but encounter new problems as they try to settle into a new life. His mom, a seamstress, struggles to get by and support herself, and Jesse all while being pregnant and suffering from what I suspect is PTSD because of her abusive spouse who gambled and drank. There is also a judgmental pastor who won’t let Jesse and a friend into a Bible camp because the friend doesn’t know who her dad is, and Jesse’s dad is in jail. But there are good people too, and Jesse meets friends and other supportive people. Overall, The story is enjoyable, and I think it would be good for kids and adults alike to get to know Jesse and watch how he faces life and his struggles. Jesse Sings is followed by a companion novel called The Clock Tower Treasure as Jesse goes on another adventure! Jesse Sings was published in 2017.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary is a fun middle grade adventure where the reader goes along with Ralph Mouse on his adventures. He lives in a hotel with his relatives between the walls and under the floors. He's told to stay away from humans. But one one he makes friends with a young human named Keith who rescues him when Ralph falls in a garbage can and can't get out without help. Keith lets Ralph borrow his toy motorcycle, just the right size for a mouse. (He can actually make it run by making a motorcycle noise with his mouth.) When he accidentally loses the motorcycle after falling into a load of linens, Keith loses faith in Ralph. But when Keith gets sick and there's no medicine, it's up to Ralph to save the day! Will he be able to find medicine in time to help Keith? Read the book and find out! The Mouse and the Motorcycle
was first published in 1965.

Disney's The Haunted Mansion

When the Evers Family stops at an old mansion where they believe the owner wants to talk to them about selling it, they get a lot more than they bargained for! Realtors Jim and Sarah Evers played by Eddie Murphy and Marsha Thomason are the parents of Megan, played by Aree Davis and Michael played by Marc John Jefferies
. On their way to an overdue family vacation, they decide to stop at the mansion for a visit that Jim promises his family will be "twenty minutes, tops" since they got a phone call the day before from a servant representing the owner who wishes to sell. But the adventure lasts a lot longer than twenty minutes when they discover the house is haunted! Will the family be able to figure out how to help the good ghosts, and stop the bad one before it's too late? Watch the movie and find out! The Haunted Mansion is clean family fun, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys funny movies with a little bit of scary added in! The Haunted Mansion was first shown to audiences in 2003 and was directed by Rob Minkoff.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Ramona's World by Beverly Cleary

In Ramona's World by Beverly Clearly, Ramona Quimby is just getting ready to start the fourth grade, and can't wait! She's got a new baby sister, and she's excited to tell the other kids about that, but she's also able to meet Daisy, a new friend who is cool because she's got braces! Ramona wants braces too, but doesn't need them. That's not so bad. But things quickly take a difficult turn when Mrs. Meecham uses Ramona's misspelled words as spelling words, and Ramona falls halfway through the attic floor in Daisy's new house, she realizes that the fourth grade isn't going to be so easy after all. I recommend this fun book for kids, and adults who enjoy remembering what it was like to be a kid! Ramona's World was first published in 1999.