Saturday, March 5, 2022

A Proper Dragon by E.B. Wheeler

A Proper Dragon by E.B. Wheeler is a delightful story that takes place during regency times, but with dragons! Some people are dragon linked, which is something some people don't like. Phoebe Hart is one of the dragon-linked. Fortunately, her brother, Max is supportive. But not everyone is. She and Max are on their way to London with Phoebe worrying how the season will be for her, when they spot a body on the side of the road. Wait, not a dead body. Someone still alive.
A young woman passed out from exhaustion who, as they discover, is running away from somewhere. The brother and sister want to help her, but as they take her with them and listen to her story, they know they can't just take her to London, drop her off and forget about her. The poor girl, who can't even lie convincingly, needs to be able to evade the clutches of her vengeful guardian, and she can't do it all by herself on the streets. But how are Phoebe and Max going to help her? And still, how is Phoebe's London Season going to turn out?

Dork Diaries-Tales from a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker by Rachel Renée Russell

Dork Diaries-Tales from a Not so Happy Heartbreaker by Rachel Renée Russell is a fun story for upper elementary or middle school students. Nikki Maxwell is hoping to go to the Valentine's Dance with her crush, Brandon but when he starts to ignore her, and worse, send her insulting texts, Nikki is floored.
She's especially flummoxed when she confronts him about it, and he doesn't seem to understand what's going on. But those mean texts came from HIS phone. And what is MacKenzie, the meanest girl in the school up to?

Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen

Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen is an exciting steampunk retelling of the story of Sleepy Beauty. Dr. Isla Cooper (the 's' is silent, like in island) is setting out to find the witch who cursed her. Every night at midnight, whether she wants to or not, she falls into a profound sleep from which she cannot waken until morning. And if she doesn't break the curse soon, her sleep will become permanent.
In her efforts to reach the witch who cursed her, Dr. Cooper sets out for the Carribean on Daniel Pickett's airship. The two, of course, both tough headed, have differences of opinion. But they do both want to protect shifters, people who are discriminated against because they can turn into animals. That problem is complicated with Nigel Crowe on board who is terribly biased against shapeshifters. Dr. Cooper's problem is will she reach the witch in time? If she does, will she be able to gather everything that will help her undo the curse in time? And if the last part of undoing the curse is the kiss of someone who genuinely loves her,is it even possible to undo the curse? Kiss of the Spindle was first published in 2018.