Saturday, August 30, 2014

Valerie Akau Meli

I learned not too long ago, that my my trainer on my LDS mission to Sapporo, Japan, passed away.  Valerie Anne Pohaiamepumehanaakealoha Akau Meli was only 45.  I was saddened to hear the news.  She was a wonderful person, and a hard working missionary.  She taught me a lot, about how to work hard, and to care about people.  From all that I saw on her facebook and her husband's, she had continued being a wonderful, selfless person after the time I was blessed to know her.  She has a beautiful family, and I pray for God's comfort to be with them.  I had often imagined meeting up with her again at some point, and I'm sad now that that won't happen.  At least in this life.
Kami yo, mata au ma-de.


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