Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Update on the Plagiarism Case

I confess, the story has continued to surprise me from the beginning.  Every time I think I can't be surprised by something regarding this situation, something comes up to prove me wrong.  Every new turn, from first hearing that Rachel was plagiarized, to the twists and turns and contradictory lies the plagiarist told, to discovering that she'd plagiarized Sgt. Chase Weston, to the fact that she used her own 8 year old students' names as sock puppets has continued to shock and surprise me.

Now, according to Donna K. Weaver's latest post here, the school where she taught the students whose names she used as sock puppets, has put the plagiarist on administrative leave .  The plagiarist, as I've said, used these sock puppets to boost her own ratings as well as to harass Rachel Nunes, and leave ad hominem reviews on Rachel's books. 

I hope that justice is done for everyone, and I hope, for the plagiarist's sake, that she learns something from this, and realizes that what she did, plagiarizing Rachel, plagiarizing a war veteran, and stealing her students' names was very wrong, and that stealing intelectual property (and the identities of her students) is not a victimless crime.  I hope she develops a conscience, and makes amends for what she did.

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