Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Jaw Dropped... More Calous Plagiarism

Trying to keep abreast of my friend Rachel Nunes' battle against plagiarism, I checked back on Mr. John Doppler's blog, which I referenced below.  I was shocked to find out that the plagiarist had not only stolen from Rachel, but of all people, she had also stolen from a war veteran.  A veteran, of all people!  Glory be!  As I mentioned in the title, my jaw dropped. 

The plagiarist's first "book" was stolen from the real life experiences of Sgt. Chase Weston, who was wounded in combat, in Iraq.  Please visit Mr. Doppler's blog here to read more about it.

My brother served in Iraq, and if any of his personal stories were stolen to line someone's pockets, I would be furious.  But like Mr. Doppler said, it is important to exercise restraint, and remember that justice is in the hands of the court.  Not us.

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