Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More on the Plagiarism Case!

Author David Farland posted this on his blog.  The plagiarist appears to be up to her old tricks.  This is, frankly, not surprising.  Someone posted on Rachel Nunes' blog, claiming to be a parent of one of the children whose names were used by the plagiarist, and threatening legal action.

Here is a copy of the comment:  "This blog post needs to be taken down. My child’s name has popped up on other blogs because of this. Google [Name Withheld] and things are still popping up. 'Redacting' is not enough. I will report you and discredit your investigation. God help you, especially if you are LDS and held to a higher standard."  

Interestingly, when Rachel contacted the parents, they denied having made the comment.  And when investigators tracked the computer's address, they, not surprisingly, traced it back to the plagiarist's own computer.

I have come to the conclusion that this plagiarist lacks a conscience.  She is not guided by a sense of right and wrong, she is guided by a sense of 'What can I get away with?'  Am I judging her?   Sure.  I'm using the brain God gave me to assess that this person's bad behavior is in fact, bad behavior.  It is not my job to determine this person's worth as a human being, but it is my right, in fact, my duty, to see that what she is doing is very wrong, and to understand with the brain I've got, that she will, shown by past behavior, repeat this behavior over and over again, until something outside of herself stops her.  She will not stop herself.  I have the obligation to know that.  As Rachel Nunes' friend, and as a writer who is a potential victim of the plagiarist because I am a writer, I have the right to know it.  Am I judging her?   Sure.  And I judge spades to be spades, too.

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