Friday, September 12, 2014

Heaven Help Us All... What Lows Will She Stoop To Next?

I was reading on Rachel Nunes' blog here, an open letter from Lilah Weston, the wife of Sgt. Chase Weston from whose personal life story, Terror In A Cloud Of Dust was stolen by the plagiarist whom I have mentioned before.  (I choose not to say her name, because I am so repulsed by her actions that I simply choose not to, and just refer to her as "the plagiarist".  Enough people know her name already, and I needn't say it.)  I was sickened for Mrs. Weston's sake, and her husband's.  His personal experience had been stolen and cheapened.    And from what the plagiarist wrote about what she stole from him, she seemed unrepentant and unbending, unwilling to admit she had stolen, even when the evidence was glaringly obvious.  But what I learned a few minutes later, made me even more... I don't even know the word... repulsed, furious, disgusted... those words pale compared to the feeling I felt when I realized I had not yet learned of the depths the plagiarist is willing to sink to. 
I learned, reading another fellow writer, Donna K. Weaver's blog, that many of the sock puppets the plagiarist used to boost her own reviews and harass Rachel Nunes and bloggers who stood up for her, were the names of her own 8 year old students.  Children.  Children!  Young learners who trusted her, and depended on her!  Their names were stolen and used to say things the plagiarist didn't dare to say with her own name, or pen name.  They are as much victims as Rachel Nunes, or Sgt. Weston.  And they are children!

Plagiarizing a wounded veteran... plagiarizing a reputable author... using young children's names as sock puppets...

As I said on Donna Weaver's blog, what new lows will she stoop to?  Dare I even think?  Heaven help us all.

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