Friday, December 1, 2023

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, first published in 1843, is the story of a cranky old man, Ebenezer Scrooge, and what happens to him one Christmas Eve night when an old colleague, Jacob Marley, comes to visit him. What's astonishing, is that this old colleague has been dead for seven years! What does this old colleague tell him?
That he's got to change his ways if he doesn't want to meet the same fate! Jacob Marley is chained up, and doomed to wander the world witnessing what he can't share, but might have shared in life if he'd been a nicer man! Jacob Marley has also enlisted the help of three other spirits to show Scrooge the error of his ways. Will this be enough to convince Scrooge that he needs to be a nicer man? Read the book and find out!

Mustaches for Maddie by Shelly Brown and Chad Morris

Mustaches for Maddie by Shelly Brown and Chad Morris is an absolutely wonderful book based on a true story. Young Maddie, who loves mustaches, imagining, and her friends, is suddenly struck with the reality that she had a brain tumor and will need an operation. The reality of this situation is heavy for a young girl to deal with!
Thankfully she has the support of her family, and she finds out who her real friends at school are. Will her operation be successful? Will she figure out how to deal with the mean girl at school? And will she do a good job in the school play? Will she survive to perform in it? Read the book and find out! This book is a great book for middle grade readers up to adults!

Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz and Jack Gruener

Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz and Jack Gruener is based on the true story of Jack Gruener when he was younger, and his first name was Yanek (Polish for Jacob). Because Yanek is Jewish, he is in great danger when the Germans invade Poland.
Moved around from one concentration camp to another, Yanek doesn't know if he'll survive one day, let alone until the end of the war. Will he survive long enough for the Allies to reach him and rescue him and his fellow prisoners? This is a wonderful book that young people and older people would enjoy reading especially people interested in reading stories about World War 2.

Leven Thumps and The Ruins of Alder by Obert Skye

Leven Thumps and The Ruins of Alder by Obert Skye is the fifth and final book in the Leven Thumps series. The series is aimed at middle grade readers who would likely enjoy it. In it, Leven finds himself on the island of Alder trying to keep the dream world and reality from destroying each other.
Meanwhile, in reality, the Dearth is wreaking havoc with Winter, Geth, and Pheobe doing what they can to stop it, which isn't much. On Alder, Leven has to go from one trial to another to get to the oldest tree. What will happen there when he gets there, and will he succeed in saving the dream world and reality? Read the book and find out!

Saturday, November 18, 2023

High School Musical performed by Duchesne High School Drama

Last night, I attended a really fun dinner theatre where Duchesne High School's drama department performed High School Musical. Gabriella is new in town, trying to find a place to fit in and make friends. She wants to try out for the high school musical, but is she being pulled in too many directions?
And will Troy a basketball player, and a budding actor, help her find her place, or is he too wrapped up in basketball to care for anything more than that? There are three more performances; one tonight at 6:30 at the elementary, one this coming Monday at 6:30 at the high school, and one this coming Tuesday at the Elementary. Tonight and Tuesday there will be a dinner served before the show. The musical was fun, and I really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, thirteen year old Harry is getting ready to start his third year at Hogwarts. Despite a bumpy end to the summer where he accidentally put a magic spell on his horrible uncle's equally horrible sister, Harry seems to be forgiven by the Ministry of Magic.
But when he finds out that Sirius Black, a convicted murderer has escaped from Azkaban, the infamous wizards' prison, he realizes that he needs to be careful. Sirius Black, after all, is the one convicted of helping to kill Harry's parents. And everyone is convinced that Sirius is after him! What is Harry going to do this year at Hogwarts? How will he be able to concentrate on his lessons when there's an insane murderer looking for him? And what will he do if he ever does come face to face with Sirius Black? Read the book and find out!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling, Harry is eager to start his second year at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His aunt, uncle, and cousin have been awful to him and to his owl Hedwig this summer.
But to Harry's despair, a house elf shows up and tells Harry he mustn't go back to Hogwarts because of danger that will be waiting for him there. But Harry has to go back! Hogwarts is his home, and he doesn't want to be anywhere else. But what is Harry, and his best friend Ron going to do when the portal to Platform 9 3/4 won't let them through to get on the Hogwarts Express? Read the book and find out!

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is a wonderfully written story for teenagers and adults about the complexities of human emotions, and dealing with those feelings. Young Conor O'Mally, too old to be a kid and too young to be a man, is dealing with the emotions surrounding his mother's progressing illness.
A terrible nightmare, in which he is trying to pull his mother out of an abyss where a terrible monster is trying to pull her in, plagues him every night. His guilt and shame at finally letting her fall in his nightmare wakes up an interesting and unique friend in a yew tree that morphs into a humanoid shape and comes walking to tell Conor stories and help him deal with the emotions he is struggling to process.The story is sweet and sad, and a great book to read both because it is entertaining, and because it connects to readers by showing them how feeling contrasting emotions is a very human, and normal thing. Conor felt a lot of unneccessary guilt over his feelings about his mom's illness, but with the monster's help was able to learn to process them in a productive way. But how does the story ultimately end? Read the book and find out.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is one of my favorite books of all time. It follows the story of Bilbo Baggins, a reluctant and loveable hero who is a Hobbit. As many know, Hobbits are small human-ish folk who, even when full grown, don't stand taller than perhaps the elbow of an average man (when his arms are at his sides). Bilbo, the only son of Bungo Baggins and Beladonna Took Baggins, is recruited by Gandalf (largely because of Gandalf's association with Bilbo's mother, whom, the story strongly implies, went on adventures of her own) to help some dwarves reclaim their home from an invading dragon.
He doesn't want to go at first, but due to Gandalf's strong influence, finally sets out on an adventure with his new companions. After quite a lot of run-ins with some unsavory characters and a restful stop at Elrond's Homely House, the dwarves and Bilbo finally reach their destination. But how will their confrontation with the dragon go? Read the book and find out!

Movie Review: The Outsiders based on the Novel by S.E. Hinton

The Movie The Outsiders directed by Francis Ford Coppola was released in 1983. It follows the story of Ponyboy Curtis a young teenager living in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the late 1960s.
He, his best friend Johnny, his brothers, and his friends are called "Greasers". They have conflicts with the Socs (pronounced like the first syllable in Social) who are the rich kids from the other side of town. When Johnny and Ponyboy are out late one night, a group of drunk Socs chase after them, and when Johnny jumps in to keep the Socs from drowning Ponyboy, trouble starts. The movie does have a few swear words in it, and underage smoking. The original movie was rated PG.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a coming of age novel about Ponyboy Curtis, his best friend Johnny, his brothers, and other friends from his poor neighborhood in Tulsa, Olkahoma in the late 1960s.
They are referred to and call themselves Greasers. Their rivals, from the other side of town, the rich, priviledged kids, are called the Socs, short for Social, and pronounced like the first syllable in Social. Trouble starts when Johnny and Ponyboy are out late after watching a movie and making friends with a couple of girls who are Socs but aren't as stuck up as the boys they've been dating. Their angry (and drunk) boyfriends find Johnny and Ponyboy, grab Ponyboy and start to dunk his head in a nearby fountain. What happens when Johnny comes to Ponyboy's rescue? Read the book and find out!

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Review for Taigh~A Flying Squirrel's Adventure, D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

I was excited to get this review for my book, Taigh~ A Flying Squirrel's Adventure from Diane Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, Editor, Donovan's Literary Services.
"Taigh~A Flying Squirrel's Adventure adds another fine middle-grade animal-oriented story to author Loralee Evans' widening list of appealing tales. Like Jean Craighead George, who penned numerous books profiling animals for middle grade readers, Evans performs a meaningful and important service in bringing the animal world to life for young minds, even if her writings anthropomorphize wildlife more than Jean George's works. Taigh Squirrel doesn't just fly. He's also an artist who paints what he sees in the forest world around him. Like her character, Loralee Evans reflects words of wisdom given to Taigh by employing her artistry to capture Taigh's motivations, natural world, and squirrel lifestyle. Perhaps her own words best capture the sentiments driving this warm story: "A good painting, Augustus had told Taigh, a smile curving up the corners of his ivory-colored beak, tells a story. It stirs imagination, and helps folks think and wonder and imagine. Let your paintings tell stories." Evans uses word paintings to tell Taigh's story, capturing a world embedded with fairies, quests, art, and insights. As Master Taigh Squirrel (friend of Felicity Sparrow and Augustus Ivory-billed Woodpecker) embarks on an adventure to find out why all the ivory-billed woodpeckers vanished, kids will enjoy the special blend of fantasy and animal facts which exist side-by-side in this enthralling adventure story. From Spanish-speaking bats to questions that Taigh resolves in the course of his experiences, middle graders will find the blend of action, mystery, and natural history compellingly fun. Libraries and readers seeking animal-based fantasies that feature a diminutive squirrel's proactive thinking, artistic talents, and quest will find Taigh~A Flying Squirrel's Adventure a choice that promises high entertainment value, while accompanying reflections on the natural world will lend to young reader book club discussions."

Monday, September 4, 2023

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is a delightful story for children about a sweet boy named Charlie Bucket who lives with his parents and all four grandparents in a tiny house on the edge of a large city.
No child is more deserving than good old Charlie Bucket, but he and his family don't seem to be getting any breaks. His father is the only one working, and when he's laid off from his already low paying job and finds another job that's even lower paying, the family starts to struggle even more. Even the exciting annoucement that Mr. Willy Wonka is giving away five golden tickets to five lucky people for a tour of his chocolate factory and then a lifetime supply of chocolate doesn't do much for Charlie. There was no golden ticket in the one birthday present his family could afford (a single bar of chocolate) or in another bar of chocolate he and his grandfather buy. But then, one day as he's walking home, he finds a 50p coin on the ground, and with it, buys two Wonka chocolate bars. The first is quite normal, and hungry as he is, he wolfs it down. But the second... has a golden ticket in it! What happens next? Read the book and find out!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the first in the famous series by author J.K. Rowling. In it, young Harry Potter is living with the Dursley family, his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and cousin Dudley. And it's hard to imagine a family who could treat him worse.
The Dursleys are awful to Harry, making him live in the storage area under the stairs instead of a proper room, and speaking to and treating him horribly. But then one day, a mysterious letter comes for Harry, which his aunt and uncle are strangely insistent he not read. After trying to evade the sender of the letter (and many more that come to replace the first after Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia destroy it) a giant of a man confronts the family, and delivers a message that shocks Harry to his core. "You're a wizard, Harry." After this, an adventure he never expected, begins!

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites by Chris Heimerdinger

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites by Chris Heimerdinger first came out in 1989, and it has been a favorite of many young people since. Because of its age, some of the references in it are dated, but that is what makes it all the more classic. Jim, his friend Garth, and Jim's little sister go to explore a cave after the two boys discover a mural that has been revealed by the water of the river being so low.
In the cave, they inadvertently find a giant room filled with waterfalls and rainbows. But then Jenny falls in, and the boys instinctively jump after her. They're sucked into a dark tunnel, and emerge in a place very different from the one they left. After some time, they realize they have traveled not only a long distance geographically, but more than two thousand years through time as well! Will the kids be able to find their way home? Especially since the two groups in the area, the Nephites and Lamanites, are on the verge of war? Read the book and find out!

Thursday, August 17, 2023

My Book, Taigh~ A Flying Squirrel's Adventure is a Whitney Nominee!

I am so excited to announce that my newest novel, Taigh~ A Flying Squirrel's Adventure is a Whitney Nominee!

Michael Young's Kickstarter!

My friend, Michael Young, a great author, is doing a KICKSTARTER for his awesome books! If you're not familiar with what a Kickstarter is, then I'll explain. Kickerstarter is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on creativity. If you're familiar with Gofundme that helps when something sad has happened somewhere, then you understand the concept. Kickstarter helps deserving artists get their creative work to more people! I hope you check it out!

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

My New Book: Taigh~ A Flying Squirrel's Adventure

I am super excited to announce that my thirteenth book has recently been published!
Taigh~ A Flying Squirrel's Adventure by me, Loralee Evans, follows little Taigh, a flying squirrel who knows Felicity Sparrow. He knows about the exciting adventures she's been on, but doesn't think he'll be called on to go on any adventures. He's content to stay at home, read, paint, and imagine what might be going on out in the wide world. All that changes when a fairy shows up looking for Felicty, but she's not around! Can Taigh fill in for her, and help out the fairies? Read the book and find out! Taigh~ A Flying Squirrel Adventure was published in 2023.

The Candy Shop War: Carnival Quest by Brandon Mull

The Candy Shop War: Carnival Quest by Brandon Mull continues the adventures of four friends, Nate, Trevor, Summer, and Pigeon as they go into 6th grade. A Carnival is in town, but this is no normal carnival. Strange things start popping up all over town that different citizens have dreamed about, from a giant bowling ball, to a stagecoach that looks like it's straight out of the 1800s!
The kids know something is up involving magic, and when they discover that the carnival is owned by Camilla White, the sister of their previous magical enemies, the kids realize they've got another battle ahead. With all the power of dreams that the carnival can use, will the kids be able to win this time? Or will they finally be beaten? Read the book and find out! The Candy Shop War: Carnival Quest was published in 2023.

The Candy Shop War: Arcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull

In the second exciting book in The Candy Shop War series, Arrcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull, the friends Nate, Summer, Pigeon, and Trevor are off on another mission. This time, their facing up against Jonas White, the brother of their previous enemy, Mrs. Belinda White.
Jonas White is running an Arcade in town, and using kids to gather magical items for him. The four friends set out to see what he's up to, and what his goal is. When they dicover that his plan of conquest is even bigger than his sister's, the kids realize they're going to need all the magical candy and skill they've got to try and stop him! Will they be able to? Read the book and find out! The Candy Shop War: Arcade Catastrophe was published in 2012.

The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull

In The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull, friends Nate, Summer, Trevor and Pigeon think they've gotten lucky, making friends with Mrs. White, the owner of The Sweet Tooth, a new ice cream and candy shop that has been set up in town. At first, they think she's really nice. Especially when she gives them magical candy that give them magical powers as long as the candy is in their mouths. But as Mrs. White starts asking the kids to start stealing things for her, the kids realize they've gotten in over their heads.
But they can't get help from their parents, because the white fudge Mrs. White sells at her shop makes people not notice what would otherwise be obvious. Can the kids stop Mrs. White with the help of John Dart, a magical enforcer, and Mr. Stott, a good magician? Or will Mrs. White take over their town? Read the book and find out! The Candy Shop War was published in 2009.

Monday, July 10, 2023

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

If you enjoy learning and having fun at the same time, and you live in Utah, you will enjoy spending a few hours at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. It has many sections dedicated to a different ecosystem.
There is a section for Utah Wildlife, South America, Asia, and others. A favorite for many is the clear tunnel that visitors can walk through with sea turtles, fish, and sharks swimming around and over you! Families with young children would especially enjoy visiting the Aquarium.

Mysteries of Cove: Embers of Destruction

Mysteries of Cove: Embers of Destruction by J. Scott Savage is the third and final book in the Mysteries of Cover series.
In this book, Kallista, Trenton, and their friends travel to the city of San Francisco, and discover the shocking origin of the dragons that have plagued the planet for hundreds of years. Will they be able to stop the opression of humans, or will dragons destroy or enslave all of humanity? Find out in this exciting conclusion of the Mysteries of Cover series!

Mysteries of Cove: Gears of Revolution

Mysteries of Cove: Gears of Revolution by J. Scott Savage is an exciting book in the Mysteries of Cove series. Treton and Kallista are looking for Kallista's father, Leo Babbage, following the events of the first book, in which they fought a dragon and saved the city of Cove (originally named Discovery).
Clues they find lead them to the city of Seattle, where two factions, the Order of the Beast and the Whipjacks are in a power struggle. Caught in the middle, Trenton and Kallista aren't sure who their allies are, or who their enemies are. Will they find out what happened to Leo Babbage, and why he doesn't seem to be in Seattle as they had expected? Or will their enemies get them first?

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Free Books for Summer!

If you enjoy reading, take a look at the giveaway HERE and take a look at all the FREE books! Books for kids, young adults, or anyone who enjoys literature for young people are all free! Follow the link above, or HERE, and learn more about how to get these free books!

Mysteries of Cove: Gears of Revolution

Mysteries of Cove: Gears of Revolution by J. Scott Savage is the second book in the Mysteries of Cove series. It continues the exciting adventure of Trenton Cole and his friend Kallista Babbage.
Finding clues left in the forest by Kallista's father Leo Babbage, they are directed to the city of Seattle that has clearly been attacked recently by the dragons that are infesting the world. There, they meet two conflicting groups that live in the underground city of Seattle (they can't be outside all the time, because of the dragons) The Order of the Beast, and The Whipjacks. But can Trenton and Kallista trust either groups. And what happened to Kallista's father after he came to Seattle? Read the book and find out! Gears of Revolution was published in 2016.

Hugo: Movie Review

The movie Hugo, based on the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, is an entertaining, family friendly movie.
The main character is Hugo, a boy who is orphaned, twice, and then takes care of the clock in the train station in Paris. He makes friends with a girl, outwits the train security guard, and meets an old hero. But what about the old automaton that his dad left behind before he died, and why is it significant? Read the book, and watch the movie. Get to know Hugo Cabret! The movie came out in 2011. The book was published in 2007.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Mysteries of Cove Fires of Invention by J. Scott Savage

In Cove, a city sealed inside of a mountain to stay away from the poisonous air that technology and polution have caused, there lives a boy named Trenton Coleman. Trenton Coleman wants to be a mechanic, which is good Cove needs good mechanics. But what Cove doesn't need is curiousity, invention, and people coming up with ways to improve what they already have.
Why? Because technology, the city history books say, is why they had to go inside the mountain to begin with to escape all the pollution and destruction. So, is creativity really a bad thing? Trenton's new friend Kallista says no. And when Trenton's friend Clyde is convicted to a few days of "retraining" just because he drew a picture, Trenton really starts to think about whether or not inventiveness and creativity are really bad things. And as he and Kallista start to follow clues her dad left behind before his mysterious death, Trenton starts to realize that not only is inventing a good thing, but it may be the only thing that can save all of them. Mysteries of Cove by J. Scott Savage is a great book for middle grade readers, and anyone who enjoys dystopian and steam punk.

The Goonies - Movie Review

When their neighborhood is threated, Mikey (Sean Astin) and his friends who call themselves The Goonies fear they'll be parted forever. But when they find an old treasure map and realize that a huge treasure could be within reach, the friends take off to find it in the hope that it will save their neighborhood.
But they didn't expect to find escaped convicts, deadly boobie traps, and strange creatures on their quest. Will the kids be successful? Watch the movie and find out! The Goonies, directed by Richard Donner and starring Sean Astin, is a good family movie, though it does contain some crude humor. It is rated PG.

Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz

Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz is an extremely well written book about a young Jewish boy who is taken captive by the Nazis at the beginning of WWII when Hitler's army invades Poland.
The young man then goes from one concentration camp to another, and the reader follows along with him, watching his trials and dangers as he fights to stay alive. The book is a great one for young people to read, and for adults as well. Anyone interested in learning more about the second World War would enjoy this book.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is a delightful story about four gifted children who are brought together to help the kindly Mr. Benedict take on the sinister Mr. Curtain in Mr. Curtain's bid to take over the world.
Posing as youngsters interested in Mr. Curtain's exclusive "school" (actually a training ground to recruit followers) they infiltrate Mr. Curtain's domain and look for ways to stop him from taking control of society. Will they be able to do it with Mr. Benedict's help, and the help of other good guys, like the mysterious (though constantly sad) Miligan, and Mr. Benedict's other friends? Read the book and find out! It's a great book for kids as well as adults. I was delighted to find out that this story has been made into a series on Disney plus. While I cannot give an opinion on Disney's adaptations of the book, since I haven't watched them, I still think it's pretty great that such a fun story has been put on film!

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

A Long Way from Chicago by Richard Peck

A Long Way from Chicago by Richard Peck tells the story of siblings Joe and Mary Alice and the few weeks every summer they spend with their very interesting grandma, from the time they're little to the time they're young teenagers.
The brother and sister who are from Chicago, have various adventures with their grandma who lives in a small town, from "borrowing" a boat to go fishing where they're not legally allowed to fish, to helping an abused young woman and an overly controlled young man escaped their situations with the help of some old clothes, and old lantern, and a ghostly legend. The stories are delightful and while funny, also teach the reader valuable life lessons about honesty and owning up to mistakes. The ending of the story is especially touching. I recommend the book to young people as well as adults. A Long Way from Chicago was published in 2000.

The Hope of Elephants by Amanda Rawson Hill

The Hope of Elephants by Amanda Rawson Hill is a novel told in free verse by a young cancer patient.
Her dad has had cancer several times, but now it's her turn. And why is the "Elephants" in the title part of the story? Because Elephants don't get cancer. At least they don't get it at the same rate humans do. The story itself is told in lovely free verse poems, using a balance of humor and grief. I found it to be sweet and painful at the same time, and I would recommend this book to young people and adults. Especially those who have been affected by any type of cancer.

Secrets of the Looking Glass (The Lost Wonderland Diaries book 2) by J. Scott Savage.

Secrets of the Looking Glass by J. Scott Savage is a fun book for kids and adults. Friends Celia and Tyrus are off on another adventure.
Tyrus is a book geek, and Celia struggles to overcome her dyslexia. I love the combination of the two characters and how they complement each other. In this story, the two friends are split. Meaning each one has a part of him or her split off, and each becomes two separate people. Tyrus becomes Ty and Tyrus, Celia becomes Lia and Celia. Not having read Carroll's original works I can't compare them, but I really did enjoy this story. I love how the characters are so relatable and have realistic struggles that they work courageously to turn into strengths.

The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis was not the first book written in the Chronicles of Narnia, but it was the first that happened in the series' timeline.
It follows the story of two friends, Polly Plummer and Diggory Kirk (who later became the Professor Kirk in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe). They become friends after Diggory and his mother Mable, who is dying from some unexplained disease, move in with Mable's brother and sister who are both unmarried so that they can more easily care for their sister. (Diggory's father is away in India, at this time, and can't help.) One day, the two friends stumble upon an adventure when Andrew, Diggory's unscrupulous uncle, decides to use them in an experiment traveling between dimensions. They find themselves first in what they called "The Wood Between the Worlds" a sort of between place they compare to the shared attic back home that all the houses in their row of houses share. After this, they find themselves in Charn where they (mainly Diggory) accidentally wake up Jadis, the evil queen who is the cause of so many of Narnia's troubles later. And then, after a mishap at home in London, they, Uncle Andrew, the queen, a horse named Strawberry, and Strawberry's owner Frank, find themselves in a brand new Narnia. Diggory, hoping to find some fruit in this new world that would cure his mother, wants to ask Aslan the Lion for some help. But first, Diggory, having brought Jadis, needs to do something to protect Narnia from her. Overall, the story is lovely, and a great tale that will entertain and cheer both children and adults. The story was first published in 1955.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Shawn the Sheep: Spring Shena-a-nigans - Movie Review

Shawn the Sheep, produced by Universal Studios, is a fun protagonist that children and adults as well, can relate to. Shawn, the leader of a group of good hearted sheep live on a farm with the farmer, a near-sighted, single, middle-aged farmer, and Farmer's dog, Bitzer.
The group of them have all sorts of adventures and misadventures in this particular movie, Shawn the Sheep: Spring Shena-a-nigans, as well as the other movies Shawn and his pals are in. There is no actual dialogue in any of the Shawn the Sheep movies. Everyone, including the Farmer, mumble or issue other nonsense sounds. However, what happens is quite clear even without words from the expressions and behavior of the characters. I personally like this, since the story can be enjoy by anyone regardless of language. I enjoy all of the Shawn the Sheep stories, and recommend them to adults and children alike.

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder is an enjoyable story about a little boy named Almanzo Wilder growing up in New York state in the 1800s.
He's nine years old and his father doesn't think he's old enough to be trusted to train horses. But little Almanzo's burning dream is to train horses someday. Through all his growing up, he has a lot to deal with. From school bullies threatening to beat their teacher up, to cousins visiting and teasing the colts with Almanzo getting blamed, little Almanzo has a lot to deal with. Will all his growing and learning convince his father that Almanzo is big enough to help train the colts? Read the book and find out!

The Sword and The Scoob- Movie Review

The Sword and the Scoob, a Scooby Doo adventure, is a fun, family friendly adventure that involves the members of Mystery, Inc., Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred.
This time while visiting an English town where Shaggy's ancestors lived, they're mysteriously transported...somewhere. Is it into the past?! To deal with a wicked sorceress, Morgan LaFai, and save Camelot as well as a clueless but goodhearted King Arthur. Can the gang save the day this time? Scooby Doo: The Sword and the Scoob was directed by Christina Sotta and Melchior Zwyer.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention by J. Scott Savage

Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention by J. Scott Savage is the first book in an exciting series.
Trenton Coleman finds himself teaming up with a new friend, Kallista Babbage, the daughter of a *gasp* inventor to uncover clues her father left behind when he mysteriously disappeared, and find themselves building a strange machine. But for what purpose? In an underground community where invention and inventor are bad words, can Trenton and Kallista still convince people that there's a purpose to this strangely shaped invention her father left behind for them to find and put together? Read the book and find out!

The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis

The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite books in the Narnia series.
In it, Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole are drawn to Narnia to rescue a kidnapped prince. But because of a fear of heights that Jill has, the pair start to muff things up. First, Jill accidentally pushes Eustace off a cliff, then Eustace doesn't recognize an old friend (since time passes different on Narnia than on Earth). And this isn't the first mistake the two friends make! But with a gloomy yet likeable guide and with the help of Aslan, the two friends might just stand a chance of rescuing the prince!

Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog's Gold by M. L. Forman

Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog's Gold by M. L. Forman is an interesting and fun read that many young people from middle school to high school would find interesting.
Alex is walking home when he sees a strange sign in a shop window that keeps changing! When he walks into the shop to ask the owner how the sign keeps changing, he finds himself wisked away on an adventure in a magical land! He teams up with a group much like the Fellowship in The Lord of The Rings, and goes on a quest to kill a dragon that has been terrorizing the nearby lands. Will Alex and his group succeed? Read the book and find out!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, another great story by Roald Dahl, gives us the story of brave but poor little Charlie Bucket.
He's a sweet boy from a poor family that is made up of himself, his parents, and his four grandparents. Despite the allure and promise of a golden ticket in a bar of Wonka's Chocolate which will get him a free tour of the nearby Wonka Candy Factory, he has little hope of finding one since his family doesn't have hardly any money to spend on candy. But what happens when he finds some money in the gutter and buys himself a couple bars of chocolate? Read the book and find out!

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Poor James! His parents are dead (eaten up by a rhino) and he has had to go live with his horrible aunts, Aunt Spiker, and Aunt Sponge who are awful to him. What will James do? Well, in James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, we get to find out!
After tiny magical squigglies, given to him by a myterious stranger escape, James thinks his luck is all gone. But them something happens to the old peach tree in front of his aunts' house! Will James find a way to escape his wicked aunts with the help of some new, and magical friends? Read the book to find out!

Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary

Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary is a fun story for kids, and adults who remember what it was like to be a kid!
From standing up to bullies who swear, to playing "brick factory" with her friend, Howie, Ramona feels like she's ready to face anything! But then she realizes that her first grade teacher is nothing like her kindergarten teacher, and she's not sure how to handle that. And then, she gets chased by a dog on her way to school! Ramona starts to think she's not as brave as she thought. But can she figure a way out, or at least a way to cope with her difficult situations? Follow Ramona on her journeys, and find out!