Saturday, June 25, 2022

A Friend's Sad News: Becka's Battle

Some good friends recently experienced the tragic loss of their beloved sister and daughter, Becka Denney Milne to cancer. She fought the whole way, and for a month or so, after one operation, things were looking hopeful. But the cancer came back aggressively, and this time there was nothing the doctors could do.
Becka, daughter of Gayleen Taylor-Denney and Ron Denney, sister of Alaina Denney, and wife of Cameron Milne passed from this life on June 23, 2022. Will you consider donating to this gofundme to help her family? While it will not bring her back, it will help to lessen their financial burden. If you are willing to donate, please visit the link HERE. This Gofundme was organized by Maigen Zobell on Gayleen Denney's behalf.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Summer Book Bash! FREE ebooks! Win 25$!

Are you ready for summer? Do you need a good book? Or two? Or...62? Visit the page HERE to find all sorts of FREE ebooks in all sorts of genres! Plus, find more information about this exciting summer giveaway! My book, Felicity~ A Sparrow's Tale is one of the giveaway books. If you've already got it, check out some of the other exciting books, to see what kinds you'd be interested in!

Austenland by Shannon Hale

The movie Austenland, staring Keri Russell and JJ Field was based on the book Austenland: A Novel by Shannon Hale.
In the movie, Jane Hayes, a Jane Austen fan since childhood, embarks on a vacation where she will be fully immersed in the Regency Era, the time of Jane Austen and her novels. As she gets to know her quirky fellow vacationers and the men that she knows (or think she knows) are simply actors portraying Regency gentlemen, Jane realizes that she's in a little over her head, but decides to stick it out. She gets to know Martin, one of the servants, and thinks he's the only real person who isn't acting a part.
But she's also confused about the real feelings she is developing for Mr. Nobely, the hostess's nephew. Are her feelings real, or will they go away after her vacation is over? Read the book to find out, and then watch the movie to see how it compares! Austenland: A Novel was published in 2007 and Austenland the movie was released in 2013.

The Great Mouse Detective Movie

The Great Mouse Detective by Disney is, in my opinion, a fun movie. Basil of Baker Street, the mouse equavalent to Sherlock Holmes, is called upon by a small mouse child whose daddy has been kidnapped.
As it turns out, the evil Ratigan has kidnapped her inventive father to make a sinister invention so that Ratigan can take over the United Kingdom. Parents would want to be aware of a scene in it where a female mouse is performing in a bar and removes much of what she is wearing during the performance down to a blue leodard type outfit. I felt the movie should be PG because of that as well as some darker themes; one minor character is eaten alive by a cat and Ratigan attempts to murder Basil and his colleagues in a rather gruesome way. Because of those things I mentioned, parents should watch this movie for themselves before they show it to their children. The Great Mouse Detective was released in 1986.