Saturday, July 2, 2022

Sample Extravaganza

If you like reading the first chapter or two of a book before deciding to buy it, then this promotion by My Book Cave is for you. There are 17 titles you can choose from, and download the first few chapters, read them, and decide if you want to read the rest of the book. Check it out HERE.

Northanger Abbey movie review

Northanger Abbey, directed by Jon Jones and starring JJ Field and Felicity Jones and based on a novel of the same name by Jane Austen, is the story of a young woman, Catherine, the fourth child and oldest girl of a family of ten children. She loves to read, and when she is invited to go with her neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Allen to Bath for a while, she starts imagining all sorts of wild scenarios based on what she's read in her books.
She meets Mr. Tilney and Miss Tilney, a brother and sister, and starts to become friends with them. But when Catherine's brother's girlfriend Isabella Thorpe and Isabella's brother start to say bad things about the Tilney family, Catherine isn't sure what to think. Is the Tilney family as shady as the Thorpes say, or is it the Thorpes who are? Watch the movie or read the book, and find out! This version of Northanger Abbey was released in 2007.

Emma movie review

The movie Emma directed by Douglas McGrath and starring Gwyneth Paltrow and based on the movie of the same name by Jane Austen is a delightful adaptation of the book.
Emma is well off financially, but sometimes she is a little bit of an idiot, especially when it comes to her ideas about matchmaking. Having introduced her former governess Miss Taylor to Mr. Weston and watching the two fall in love and marry, Emma now thinks she is a skilled matchmaker. She goes about trying to set her friends up with men she thinks would make good husbands for them. But her schemes fall apart. And when she makes a thoughtless comment to Miss Bates, an old maid, and hurts the other woman's feelings, Emma's lifelong friend Mr. Knightly scolds Emma in Miss Bates' defense, and Emma feels guilty. Will Emma learn how to treat people better, and stop trying to set up the wrong people with each other? Watch the movie or read the book and find out!

Sense and Sensibility movie review

The movie Sense and Sensiblity directed by Ang Lee and based on the book of the same name by Jane Austen follows the struggles of three sisters Elinor, Maryanne, and Margaret Dashwood and their mom after the death of their dad and husband.
The girls' half brother inherits their house, and quickly kicks them out with the encouragement of his wife. While they're preparing to move out to another house, they meet Edward Faris, the brother of their sister-in-law. Elinor and Mr. Faris quickly form an attachment, but his sister and the rest of her family are against the relationship going any further since the Faris family wants Edward to marry into money. Later, the family meets kind-hearted Captain Brandon who develops feelings for Maryanne, but what will happen when she falls for another guy much richer? What will happen to these sisters? And what will happen when Maryanne comes down with a high fever when she and Elinor are away from home? The movie was first released in 1999.

The Thief Lord movie review

The Thief Lord, directed by Richard Claus, and based on a book of the same name by Cornelia Funke, is the story of two brothers recently orphaned.
The younger brother is taken in by the boys' aunt and uncle. But the adults don't want both brothers. To stay together, the two brothers run away to Venice, a city where their mom always wanted to take them. Not sure what to do for food or shelter, the brothers are getting desperate when they meet Scipio, the young Theif Lord who looks after a small group of orphaned kids in an abandoned theatre. What happens when the boys' wicked aunt and uncle show up in Venice and hire a detective to find the boys? Watch the movie or read the book to find out! The movie The Thief Lord was first released in 2006. The book The Thief Lord was first published in 2003.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

A Friend's Sad News: Becka's Battle

Some good friends recently experienced the tragic loss of their beloved sister and daughter, Becka Denney Milne to cancer. She fought the whole way, and for a month or so, after one operation, things were looking hopeful. But the cancer came back aggressively, and this time there was nothing the doctors could do.
Becka, daughter of Gayleen Taylor-Denney and Ron Denney, sister of Alaina Denney, and wife of Cameron Milne passed from this life on June 23, 2022. Will you consider donating to this gofundme to help her family? While it will not bring her back, it will help to lessen their financial burden. If you are willing to donate, please visit the link HERE. This Gofundme was organized by Maigen Zobell on Gayleen Denney's behalf.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Summer Book Bash! FREE ebooks! Win 25$!

Are you ready for summer? Do you need a good book? Or two? Or...62? Visit the page HERE to find all sorts of FREE ebooks in all sorts of genres! Plus, find more information about this exciting summer giveaway! My book, Felicity~ A Sparrow's Tale is one of the giveaway books. If you've already got it, check out some of the other exciting books, to see what kinds you'd be interested in!