Friday, April 2, 2021

Pumpkin Roll by Josi Kilpack

I am starting to be a big fan of Sadie Hoffmiller! She is the main character in Pumpkin Roll, by Josi Kilpack, the 6th book in a 13 book series. There are few things Sadie enjoys more than baking. She does love sharing what she bakes, and being around her boyfriend, Pete.
It's Halloween time, and middle aged Sadie is in Boston helping her gentleman friend Pete look after his three rambunctious grandsons while his son and daughter in law are working to secure a new place to live. If she left things well enough alone, things would go smoothly for her. But good hearted Sadie can't help but stick her nose into other peoples' business--when she feels someone is in need of her help, anyway. And Mrs. Wapple, across the street, who is referred to as a "witch" by Pete's grandsons, is acting strangely. Not in a sinister way, that Sadie can see, but in a way that suggests to Sadie that Mrs. Wapple needs help. So what does Sadie do? Jump in with both feet, of course to try to get help for Mrs. Wapple. But when Mrs. Wapple's sister seems less than enthusiastic about helping, and then when an old frenemy of Sadie shows up wanting to help, things start getting more complicated. This was a fun book to listen to (I listened to the CDs) and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a cozy mystery. And I understand the print book has some of Sadie's recipes in it! Pumpkin Roll was published in 2011.

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