Thursday, January 11, 2018

Far World: Air Keep by J. Scott Savage

Far World Air Keep (c) 2013 by J. Scott Savage
I recently finished, again, a very entertaining book, the third of a series by J. Scott Savage, entitled Far World: Air Keep. It is preceded by Far World: Water Keep, and Far World: Land Keep, and it is followed by Far World: Fire Keep, the last book in the series.

In the book Marcus and Kyja, the hero and heroine of the story are tasked with finding and getting the help of the Air Elementals, about whom there is very little known. As they go on their journey, they are joined by Mr. Z (short for Zithspithesbazith) whom they met in the previous book and who guides them along. As they go, they discover the capriciousness of the Air Elementals, and begin to despair if they will ever get their help. What do they do to finally gain the Air Elementals' trust? Well, read the book and find out!

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