Sunday, February 5, 2017

Michael Young's Paladin: Pawn

I recently finished reading Michael D. Young's MG book, Paladin: Pawn. This was a fun book that I enjoyed reading! 

Rich is the main character, a young kid with regular kid dreams and problems. All he wants is to get his package on time, thinking that's all he's got to worry about, then... BAM! All sorts of problems happening at once, and he alone can fix them! He finds himself a white knight in training, up against a black knight. Who will win? It's a good thing that there are more books in this series! 

This beginning book sets things up nicely. More of the story is coming, but still, I would have preferred to see some sort of resolution instead of things left basically unresolved. Evenso, I still think the book is very well written, and exciting. 

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