Friday, July 27, 2018

My Newest Book, Raccoons and Rabbit Holes

Raccoons and Rabbit Holes (c) 2018
I am so excited to announce that my most recent book, Raccoons and Rabbit Holes has just come out!
Raccoons and Rabbit Holes is a middle grade novel with three friends, Jax, Julie, and Ani, who go exploring near an old house in the woods that local legends say is haunted. They don't believe in ghosts, but when they meet a raccoon that's acting strangely, they know something wild is about to happen! Especially when Ani slips down a giant rabbit hole that wasn't there before, and Jax and Julie have to get her out! Before they know it, the three kids find themselves transported back in time to the antebellum south, with no idea how they're going to get home!
And how can they get home, with bounty hunters riding around in the woods looking for escaped slaves? And what happens when the kids run into a group of people who really are trying to escape slavery?

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