Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nancy and Steve Evans

Nancy and Steve Evans
Most of the time, when I'm talking with friends, church leaders, or coworkers, and it comes up that I think the world of my former in-laws, most people brighten, and say something along the lines of, "That's great you get along with them so well!" Once in a while, though, someone does a double take, and says something along the lines of, "You get along with them? How is that possible?" Well, not only is it possible, but it's incredibly easy. Why? Quite simply, my former mother and father-in-law, (and former brothers and sisters-in-law) are wonderful human beings. That's how.
You will not find people who are more genuinely kind than them. My former parents-in-law are good, sincere people who live the golden rule, and treat others as they want to be treated in all aspects of their lives, whether it's with family (or former family) members, people in church, or their professional lives.
My former father-in-law, for example, Steven Evans, is a real estate broker. When working with clients, he doesn't have to pretend to be sincere, or to care, because he really is sincere, and he really does care. He sees people as human beings first and foremost. The same with my former mother-in-law, Nancy Evans. I have never known a more caring person than her. My children's paternal grandparents are two of the best people I know, and I love them a lot.

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