Saturday, February 21, 2015

School Visits- Why I Write

This last week, I was very fortunate to be able to go visit two schools in Paiute School District, to talk the students about writing. 

Paiute County is a beautiful place, and I enjoyed traveling there, through Marysvale, Junction, and Circleville.  It is in south/central Utah, south east of the I-70 and I-15 junction.  Even though I've lived in Utah most of my life, I had not been there before, at least in my memory, and I am so glad I got to go.

I visited Circleville Elementary School and Oscarson Elementary School to talk with the students about writing, and the importance of each person being able to tell his own story.  I enjoyed visiting with the students and faculty of both schools.  I was even invited to eat lunch with the students at Circleville Elementary, the first school I went to, and I really liked the extra time to just sit with a few of the students there, and talk to them.  The students at both schools were attentive and respectful during the presentation, and asked many very good questions about writing, and about the stories that I've written.  The older grades in both schools had read my book, Felicity~ A Sparrow's Tale a little bit, and had enjoyed it so far.  That made me glad.  I'm so pleased when people enjoy my writing. 

The school visits also helped me remember why I write.  I want to write stories that help people, not just entertain them.  I want to write stories that make people better human beings; kinder, more tolerant, more humane, and braver.  I hope that my book Felicity helps the students of Circleville and Oscarson Elementaries to learn something about doing good for other people, not because we get something out of it, but because it's just the right thing to do.

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