Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ms. Venita Kay Taveapont

On October 30, 2013, we lost a wonderful friend and teacher, Ms. Venita Taveapont.


She taught here at Uintah River High School for 13 years.  For the last few years, she has gotten more and more help from Ms. May Mountain as the Ute Language teacher.


Ms. Taveapont was born February 4, 1950 in Roosevelt, Utah.  She was a great lady, and dedicated her life to helping her students learn about their culture and language.


Ms. Taveapont knew that language is more than a mix of vocabulary words and grammar rules.  It is the core of a culture.  With its language intact, a culture’s heartbeat, stories, and memories go on.


Her funeral services were November 4, 2013 at the Fort Duchesne Gymnasium.  Many of the students of URHS attended.  They were respectful and quiet during the ceremony, and that was noticed and appreciated.


Thank you everyone who attended the funeral.  And for those who wanted to, but couldn’t, thanks for thinking of Ms. Taveapont.


Turgray-yahk, Ms. Taveapont.  Pooneekayvatsoomahdtah!

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