Saturday, June 1, 2024

Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary

In Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary, Ramona is facing a whole new set of trials she never expected to face. Ramona's best friend Howie has an uncle, Uncle Hobart, who has come home from Saudi Arabia and Ramona isn't sure she likes Uncle Hobart's sense of humor.
Her mother is getting suspiciously plump in front, her beloved Aunt Bea starts dating a man that she won't tell her neices about, and to top it all off, a sad event that Ramona has never experienced before, happens to their family. But Ramona, ever innovative and courageous, faces everything with grace and flexibility. This is a great book for families to read, especially when facing big changes like a family member getting married, a new baby in the family, or the loss of a beloved pet. The stories are written with the language and thoughts that a young child would use, and would be able to relate to. Children as well as adults who enjoy looking back on their childhoods will love these stories, and find themselves relating to and cheering on Ramona Quimby!

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