Sunday, May 5, 2024

The Wild Robot Protects by Peter Brown

The Wild Robot Protects by Peter Brown is the third book in The Wild Robot series. In this delightful story, Roz is living happily on her island with her animal friends after the adventures of the 2nd book came to a happy conclusion, and something happens.
An injured seal comes ashore and delivers a dire warning before hurrying to swim away. A poisoned tide is coming. Something in the water is sickening and even killing the life in the ocean, and no one knows its source! Determined to protect her family, friends, and environment, Roz sets out to see if she can stop the poisonous tide from destroying the life in the ocean. Along the way, she meets many different kinds of ocean life and learns, along with the readers, many interesting facts about different animals. But will Roz at last stop the poison that is hurting the ocean? Read the book and find out! This is a fun book for kids as well as adults who enjoy middle grade stories!

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