Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Swiss Family Robinson- Movie Review

Swiss Family Robinson, first released in 1960 by Disney, is a fun classic movie about a family, a mom, dad, and three boys ranging from their early twenties, to pre-teen. After being abandoned by the crew of the ship they were sailing on, the family barely make it to an island where they bring as much ashore as they can, including the animals. There is an exciting scene where the dad and older sons have tied all the animals that can swim in a line behind the raft their on, and are trying to get them to shore when sharks start to circle. They're able to fight off the sharks without anything bad happening, and continue to make the best of things on the island. Some conflict enters in when the older boys, on a trip to explore around the island, rescue someone from some pirates, and realize later that they've rescued a young woman! They thought at first from the way she was dressed, that she was a boy. And then the two brothers start to compete for her attention. But then their problems only worsen when the same pirates that captured the young woman come after the family as well! Will the six of them be able to fight off a whole boatload of pirates? Watch the movie and find out!

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