Friday, June 3, 2022

The Great Mouse Detective Movie

The Great Mouse Detective by Disney is, in my opinion, a fun movie. Basil of Baker Street, the mouse equavalent to Sherlock Holmes, is called upon by a small mouse child whose daddy has been kidnapped.
As it turns out, the evil Ratigan has kidnapped her inventive father to make a sinister invention so that Ratigan can take over the United Kingdom. Parents would want to be aware of a scene in it where a female mouse is performing in a bar and removes much of what she is wearing during the performance down to a blue leodard type outfit. I felt the movie should be PG because of that as well as some darker themes; one minor character is eaten alive by a cat and Ratigan attempts to murder Basil and his colleagues in a rather gruesome way. Because of those things I mentioned, parents should watch this movie for themselves before they show it to their children. The Great Mouse Detective was released in 1986.

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