Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Night Before Christmas Directed by Arthur Rankin Jr.

The Night Before Christmas purportedly by Clement Clarke Moore was made into a delightful movie for children in 1974. It was directed by Arthur Rankin Jr. and based on the short story/poem of the same name. It is a sweet Christmas movie appropriate to watch around Christmastime.
It is geared toward children, but adults would love it as well. Rather than showing just the story of The Night Before Christmas itself, it also includes part of the life of the author and suggests what inspired him to come up with the story in the first place. Mr. Moore's daughter Charity wants a book about Santa Claus for Christmas. But what is he to do when he realizes there are no books published about Santa Claus? And worse, what are he and his wife Catherine to do when Charity gets sick with pneumonia? Watch the movie HERE and find out! You can find more movies directed by Arthur Rankin Jr. on Amazon HERE!

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