Sunday, August 1, 2021

Early Man, Movie directed by Nick Park

Early Man directed by Nick Park is a fun family movie about a group of cavepeople who come up against a technologically advanced culture that has mastered bronze. The advanced group led by an entertainly wicked leader, takes the valley the cavepeople had been living in, forcing them out into the less hospitable land. One
of the young cave people sneaks in, and discovers that the bronze using people enjoy football (soccer, not American football) and decides that since they can't fight to get their valley back with brute strength (bronze weapons would beat stone weapons any day) he decides that he wants to play a game of soccer against the bronze using culture's professional team. The leader of the bronze culture is happy to accept, because he thinks that the cave people don't have a chance at winning. But do they? Early Man is a super cute movie that is appropriate for all ages, and is perfect for fans of Wallace and Gromit or Shawn the Sheep. Early Man was copyrighted in 2018. View a trailer of Early Man HERE.

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