Friday, July 2, 2021

Rabbit Ears: Native American Heroines

I listened to the single CD of Rabbit Ears: Native American Heroines, and really enjoyed it. The narrators did a wonderful job. One story was the relatively well known tale of Sacagawea and everything she did. I liked how the reunion with her brother was portrayed. The other story was the tale of a chief's daughter, Princess Scargo, who received a giant pumpkin filled with live fish!
She kept them similarly to how a child today might take care of fish in a tank. But what will she do, when the rains fail, and the fish in the rivers begin to die out? Her people are able to dam up a small lake, but so many fish have been killed by the drought, that her people are afraid they may not be able to repopulate for years and years. So what does she do? Listen to the story and find out! This audiobook was first published in 2007.

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