Thursday, November 5, 2020

Ramona's World by Beverly Cleary

In Ramona's World by Beverly Clearly, Ramona Quimby is just getting ready to start the fourth grade, and can't wait! She's got a new baby sister, and she's excited to tell the other kids about that, but she's also able to meet Daisy, a new friend who is cool because she's got braces! Ramona wants braces too, but doesn't need them. That's not so bad. But things quickly take a difficult turn when Mrs. Meecham uses Ramona's misspelled words as spelling words, and Ramona falls halfway through the attic floor in Daisy's new house, she realizes that the fourth grade isn't going to be so easy after all. I recommend this fun book for kids, and adults who enjoy remembering what it was like to be a kid! Ramona's World was first published in 1999.

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