Sunday, April 12, 2020

To Kill a Curse by Jennifer Jenkins

To Kill a Curse (2019)
by Jennifer Jenkins
In To Kill a Curse, an exciting fantasy romance by Jennifer Jenkins, we meet Fina Perona who is running away from home when her small boat is caught in a storm. Dashed to pieces by the waves, Fina’s boat is lost. But instead of drowning, she is pulled to safety by Antonio and his fellow sailors. But what Antonio doesn’t know, is that poor Fina is cursed, and anyone who comes in contact with her is endangered. Fina s determined not to let anyone be hurt by the curse that’s on her, but what happens when Antonio decides he wants to help her try to kill the curse?

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Deliciously sweet ! Did you consider a marketing plan for the book ? To gather initial reviews, try If I can interest you in a book trailer, let me know. I can do 1 for free !