Monday, July 8, 2019

Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull

Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders (c) 2014
by Brandon Mull
The first book in the Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull, Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders, is a fast paced middle grade novel that junior high and upper elementary readers would enjoy.

Cole is just a normal kid with an annoying older sister, friends, and a secret crush like so many other normal kids. But when a trip to what he and his friends thought was just a normal spook alley turns bad and he sees his friends whisked away through a strange portal by kidnappers, Cole dives in after them and finds himself in the Five Kingdoms, a strange new dimension where strange and amazing things can happen, but slavery is also legal. His friends have been enslaved by the kidnappers and as he sets out to try to rescue them, all sorts of scary things happen. Finding himself in a strange place called The Brink, he meets a girl his age named Mira who has a plan to stop the wicked king of the Five Kingdoms, restore order, and help him rescue his friends. But when there's a strange creature the people call Karnak terrorizing the country-side along with a despotic king to deal with, doing what they set out to do might be more difficult than they first planned.

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