Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ferdinand, Movie Review

Ferdinand (c) 2017, Blue Sky Entertainment
The movie Ferdinand (2017) starts off with little Ferdinand, a young bull who would rather take care of flowers and be kind than fight the other little bulls, saying goodbye to his father who is about to head off to the arena to fight the matador. But when the trailer returns without his dad, Ferdinand becomes confused and frightened. A door left ajar in his barn gives little Ferdinand the chance to escape, and he runs away from the farm that raises bulls just to fight. He makes it to the countryside, and to the flower farm of little Nina and her father. They welcome him into their home, and there Ferdinand grows up in peace and tranquility. But when he becomes an adult, an innocent visit to the local town's flower festival turns things bad for Ferdinand after he has an unfortunate run in with a bee.

While things become difficult for Ferdinand, he never lets go of his principles to be peaceful and kind to others, and he uses these personal standards throughout the movie.

The 2017 version of Ferdinand is based on the children's story The Story of Ferdinand first published in 1936 by Munroe Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson.

I like this story, as well as the book upon which it is based, and the short movie Ferdinand the Bull produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1938.

I think the message of this story is an inspiring one. Ferdinand's example shows us that it is possible to have great power and yet use it wisely and in kind ways to help others, rather than to hurt them. This is a good message for children and adults, and I strongly recommend this movie as well as the book and short movie.

Ferdinand was directed by Carlos Saldanha and produced by Blue Sky and Twentieth Century Fox Animation. It is rated PG for action scenes, and has no bad language. It is suitable for young children and up.

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