Monday, October 22, 2018

Far World: Water Keep by J. Scott Savage

Far World Water Keep (c) 2008 by J. Scott Savage
While I have read Far World Water Keep  by J. Scott Savage many times, I haven't taken the opportunity to listen to it on CD until just recently. I am very glad I did! Mark Wright does a great job bringing Marcus and Kyja to life along with the other characters with whom they interact. I especially enjoy how he does Riph Raph's voice!

Marcus is a boy who has grown up on Earth, and who can't use his left arm and right leg. He needs a wheelchair to get around, though he can scoot pretty quickly when he needs to. Kyja is a girl who has grown up on FarWorld, and who can't do magic, though everyone else can!

The way these two kids work together to save both their worlds from the Dark Circle is inspiring, and teaches young people (without being too didactic) that they too can face and overcome hard things! I recommend this book, written and audible, to anyone who enjoys fantasy for young readers.

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