Friday, September 14, 2018

Cragbridge Hall: The Avatar Battle by Chad Morris

Avatar Battle, The (c) 2014 Chad Morris
The Avatar Battle by Chad Morris is the second book in the Cragbridge Hall series. In this second adventure, Derick and Hafa (I'm not sure of the spelling, because I listened to the audio book)  use their avatars to help solve the mystery of who is knocking out different members of the Counsel of the Keys and trying to take over the school and The Bridge in order to be able to change time.

It all starts when Grandpa Cragbridge and the team, including Derick and Abby stop a couple of Charles Munz's followers from stopping the disaster of the Hindeberg, and accidentally bring something into the school that starts doing serious damage.

The book is an excellent race against time, and trying to figure out who the bad guy is.

The ending is a bit of cliffhanger, but gives enough of a payoff for the book that the reader is satisfied with this adventure, and ready for the next.

One thing I like about this series is the morals that it teaches about learning from the past, and doing our best as we move into the future. On the surface, Charles Munz's desire to go into the past and right every single wrong that has ever happened may seem like a noble thing. But when one thinks deeply about it, Munz's claim to want to make everything better have a very sinister side to it. As terrible as they are, we can learn from tragedies. We become better and stronger when we do. And also, the world would be very different if the past were changed, the people who are now alive might not be, if the past were changed, for one example. And that is another reason Grandpa Cragbridge wants to leave the past unchanged.

Will the kids be successful in stopping Charles Munz's evil schemes? Read the book and find out!

I recommend this book to young people and not so young people who like futuristic adventure stories.

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