Saturday, August 11, 2018

Racing the Sun by Paul Pitts

Racing the Sun (c) 1988 by Paul Pitts
School will be beginning soon, which means soon my students will be writing essays, reading and comprehending news articles, and reading literature.

The freshman, every year, beginning the fall by reading a small book that was published in 1988, and which tells the story of a young man named Brandon Rogers. He's middle school aged at the time, living along the Wasatch Front with his parents. He is full Navajo, but hasn't had much of a chance to learn about his culture. This all changes when his grandfather moves in with them, and shares Brandon's room.

It's a great book for young people, and it teaches the value of family, culture, traditions, and keeping the old ways alive while living in a modern world. While I read it every year with my students, I haven't gotten tired of it because of the great story, the skillful writing, and the message that it teaches.

I recommend it for any one who enjoys a good story about young people learning who they are, and the value of family and learning to care about others.

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