Monday, February 26, 2018

Far World: Air Keep by J. Scott Savage

Far World Air Keep (c) 2014 by J. Scott Savage
 Far World: Air Keep  is the third book in the four book Far World series by J. Scott Savage. In this third book, Marcus and Kyja need to find and secure the help of the air elementals in their quest to save Far World and Earth from the destructive influence of The Dark Circle. The problem is, they're not sure how to get there. Until Mr. Z comes along to help them on a... racing snail.

And of course, the story gets weirder (in a good way) from there. Air elementals are flighty and capricious, and the story reflects their humor and whimsy. But all the way through it, at the same time, is a thread of tension because of what Marcus experienced in the Was, Is, Will Be, and Never Was. If that doesn't make much sense, it will when you read the book, which I highly recommend to people who enjoy fantasy adventure!

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