Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Shores of Bountiful

I am very excited to announce that The Shores of Bountiful has been republished! Right now, for a limited time, it is only 99¢ on Amazon kindle. (Regular price is $2.99.)

It was first published back in 2013, but last year, it was accepted by Trifecta Books for publication. Near the end of editing, Trifecta Books ceased doing business, but the inestimable Tristi Pinkston was wonderful enough to finish editing it for me, anyway. Just because she's awesome that way. I decided that a new cover would be nice too, so I got to work on that.

The Shores of Bountiful is a historical romance that is based on a period of time in the Book of Mormon that takes place during Helaman cpts. 1 and 2, a particularly volatile time.

Elizabeth and Joshua, friends since childhood, are the main participants. 

When the story begins, Elizabeth is engaged to Pacumeni, the young chief judge of Zarahemla. Joshua, who became Pacumeni's best friend when they were training in the military together, is a guard in the palace and is charged with looking after Elizabeth's safety in the time leading up to her wedding to Pacumeni. His feelings for Elizabeth, which he has never admitted, are deeper than Elizabeth knows. But out of respect for her and for Pacumeni, Joshua is determined that she never know how he feels about her.
Front and Back Covers of The Shores of Bountiful
But tragic circumstances are about to unfold that Joshua never foresaw, and which change everything.

Check out The Shores of Bountiful on Amazon HERE to read more about it!

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