Saturday, April 23, 2016

Write Here in Ephraim 2016

Write Here in Ephraim was fantastic as usual, this year!  I taught a class titled 4+ Ways to Outline Your Novel, which gave the class participants several different methods to choose from when going about outlining a novel.  Ultimately, the best way to outline a novel, is the best way that works for you!

There were so many other great classes to take.  I personally love the medieval weapons class that C. David Belt teaches.  He really knows a lot about different kinds of medieval warfare equipment, from swords to spears, from flails to armor.

I also enjoyed Jenni James'  informative class on writing clean romance.  She's a great romance writer who knows how to create believable, likable characters in romance stories that stay clean, and are at the same time, exciting to read!

Tristi Pinkston's class on brainstorming was fantastic!  I got so many ideas of how to work past tough spots, or polish out something I've already written.  I really enjoyed her class, and I liked hearing other people's story ideas.

Another class I was glad I took, was given by Karlene Browning.  She's an expert on helping authors get their online presence out there, so that readers can find time, and learn more about their books, thus bringing the authors more business, and fans!

I truly enjoyed listening to Justin Osmond's inspiring talk the Friday evening before classes started, and Dean Hughe's advice and wisdom during his address on Saturday.

There were so many other classes and presenters too, that I didn't get a chance to take, but I'll bet the presenters did wonderfully!  I've enjoyed Write Here in Ephraim the last few years that I've gone.  Shirley Balmann, the brains and muscle behind Write Here in Ephraim, has again done a great job, and I hope this writers' conference continues for many more years!

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