Saturday, March 5, 2016

House Without Lies by Rachel Branton

Shortly after reading Julie Coulter Bellon's book, The Captive, I read another fantastic book entitled House Without Lies by Rachel Branton.  Rachel Branton, (the pen name for Rachel Ann Nunes, a singularly awesome individual) has created another stunningly well-written masterpiece which hit me particularly hard, since I can relate to so much in the book.

Here is what I wrote about House Without Lies in the reviews:

As usual, Rachel Branton has delivered a marvelous story. Lily is a fantastic character, not without flaws, but a wonderful, altruistic person I quickly found myself rooting for. And Jameson was just as awesome. In his own personal way. The story sucked me in, and I found myself very concerned about all the girls Lily was trying to help, especially Elsie and Halla. Elsie's dad was absolutely despicable, and her story angered me, terrified me, and made me sad, all at once. There were also aspects of this story that appealed to me, personally, and I felt like I really understood Elsie, and her helplessness. I also found myself feeling empathy for Elsie's mom, surprisingly. She had a lot about her that I didn't like, but a lot that helped me feel compassion for her. The ending to the story was very satisfying, and helped cement, even more, my trust in Rachel Branton to write fantastically awesome stories.
I recommend this story for anyone who enjoys clean romance with a plenty of danger, and truly despicable, yet believable bad guys, and also truly awesome yet believable good guys. 

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