Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Children of Darkness by David Litwack

Boy, I have had a busy day today!  A busy reading day that is, having gotten through two novels in one day (though the first I did start yesterday).  The second of these fantastic novels is entitled The Children of Darkness by David Litwack, a book that isn't out yet, but I was lucky enough to get an ARC, so now I get to blog about it!  If you like dystopian novels featuring a scary future ruled by tyrants with a few brave young people going up against them, then you will like this book when it comes out, and I suggest you check it out!  It isn't available as of today, but feel free to check out Mr. Litwack's author page on amazon, here!

I am a fan of James Dashner's post apocalyptic novels, presenting dystopian civilizations ruled by cruel tyrants, and this book, written with several similar themes, was one I truly enjoyed.
Still, while there are some themes similar between this book and the aforementioned books by Mr. Dashner, David Litwick has a style that is all his own, and has created a wonderful, albeit frightening image of a future world ruled by a dictatorial theocracy. This theocracy, whose headquarters are ironically called the Temple of Light, seeks to control individual thought, and control the actions of its people. One of these control tactics, called a "Teaching" is one of the most truly terrifying ways the Vicars and Deacons (who are nothing like I know of modern vicars and deacons) use to control the people. They claim to teach "light" and shun the "darkness" but what they really do is just the opposite.

And this controlling theocracy might well have continued, but for three brave friends who set out to find the real truth for themselves.

I noticed a few small conventional errors here and there, but nothing that interrupted the flow of the story for me.

If you are a fan of future dystopian like I am, you will enjoy David Litwack's The Children of Darkness. And the best part, is that it's only the first book!

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