Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Far World: Air Keep

Far World Air Keep by J. Scott Savage continues the adventures of Kyja, who grew up on Far World, and Marcus, who grew up on Earth. 

This time, they are tasked with finding the Air Elementals, which is no easy task.  They have to deal with all sorts of dangers, and all sorts of annoyances.  From sadistic riddle games to racing snails, to an Exsalusentia. (You'll have to read the book to find out what that is!)  The end contains a twist that the reader doesn't see coming, and it left me eager for the next book!

I'm glad that I read this book.  One thing that I like about it, is that even though it's fiction, it teaches me something that is very very true.  It shows me characters who are real to me; who work really hard to do what's right despite personal difficulty and loss.  It's a good lesson to have in a world like ours.

Anyway, it's a great book, and I highly recommend it.

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