Thursday, March 14, 2013

DJ Weaver

My last few posts have been sad news, and this is no exception.  On Wednesday, March 6, 2013, a young boy named DJ Weaver whose family lives in our town, and who was in my son's class at school, was hit by a semi while crossing the street on his bike to get to the bus stop.  He later died at the hospital. 

In a way, this hit me harder than the shooting on the 14th of December in Connecticut.  I didn't know DJ personally, but my youngest two children did.  I pray for his family to have peace, and God's comfort with them.

"Oh God of heav'n, send Christ again
Bring in his reign of peace
And make Earth pure for tiny hands
And safe for tiny feet.

Then give back my child to me."*

*Cope, Kenneth. "Tiny Hands." My Servant Joseph. 1993. Embryo Records.

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