Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Candace E. Salima's Life Celebration

Yesterday, I had the great privilege of going to Candace E. Salima's funeral today. Or more appropriately, her Life CelebrationThe speakers gave wonderful tributes, each focusing on an aspect of her life, Nathan Osmond, Sean Reyes, and Linda Scanlan all gave beautiful tributes to her, and to her husband. As Attorney General Reyes mentioned, it's hard to speak of Candace and Alvin separately. Because they were always involved in things together. 
The musical numbers were wonderful and uplifting. The whole room was just filled with a wonderful feeling that words can't describe. 

Her sister, Heather Sluyter Hunt and Niece Stormy Hunt gave a beautiful life sketch. I am so glad I went. I am sad that Candace is gone, but knowing that she is back with Alvin gives me a bittersweet feeling of comfort. She is where she wants to be, and she is happy. So I'm okay.

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