Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rachelle Christensen's "Top 10 Proven Secrets to Writing a Brilliant Novel"

Rachelle J. Christensen, Author
I just read a fantastic blog post by fellow writer Rachelle Christensen. She is the author of several novels, including The Soldier's Bride, which won a Kindle Scout Award, and Diamond Rings are Deadly Things.

Just recently, she published a blog post titled "Top 10 Proven Secrets to Writing a Brilliant Novel". It sounded great, so I followed the link. The blog post is awesome, with 10 different but equally helpful ideas on how to write well and productively. She also included quotes from successful writers, an editor, an agent, and even a writer's spouse! (I love Jenn Savage; that was my favorite!)

Follow the link, which goes into more depth with these great tips:

#1 READ!

#2 Overcome The Fear of Mistakes

#3 Develop a Core Belief in Your Writing

#4 Work Hard

#5 Attend Writing Conferences

#6 Treat Your Writing as More Than a Hobby

#7 Join a Critique Group or Find a Mentor

#8 Finish Your Novel

#9 Keep the Balance in Life & Writing

#10 Keep Writing and Be Brave

Great tips and ideas! I really liked #4. It's important to remember that greatness doesn't just happen. Regardless of what you do, Working Hard will help you achieve your goals.

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