Monday, January 30, 2017

Forrest Carter's The Education of Little Tree

The Education of Little Tree (c) 1976 Forrest Carter

The Education of Little Tree, by Forrest Carter, follows the character Little Tree from the time he is five years old on through a number of years as he lives with his grandparents during the Great Depression, and Prohibition.

The story is in chronological order, but doesn't have much of a main theme or plot to it, which works perfectly for the book. There isn't a main story goal, just bits and pieces from Little Tree's life with his grandparents. Each chapter is like its own little short story. Some of them are sad, some serious, and some laugh out loud funny, especially the story that includes Mr. Chunk and Mr. Slick.

The book does have some swearing in it, but only mild swearing.

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