Friday, November 11, 2016

Midwest Book Review

I recently got an email from Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer at Midwest Book Review. She said that her review of Felicity and the Fire Stoppers would be coming out in December on her review site, Donovan Review Services. She sent me the review, and also had this to say: "I was pleased to read your fine book and to recommend it to others: I hope your efforts generate many sales for you!"

I was very pleased to get her review, and that it was such a favorable one. I appreciated that she took the time to read and review it.

Here is her full review: 

Felicity and the Fire Stoppers (c)2016
"Felicity the sparrow loves reading books about bird heroes, courage, and communications between bird and man, but one particular book about a thrush's courage has her so enthralled that she's re-read it many, many times.

When a lightning storm brings a bolt down onto the mountain, Felicity finds herself involved in a strange force of nature that moves her into a world of wizards, new words, and encounters well beyond the sparrow-sized books she digests which sends life lessons from reality; all stemming from venturing out and getting to know Mister Yellow Horse, among other influences.

As Felicity hones her skills beyond the book and begins to realize her own special talent, she encounters snakes and sorcerers, opportunities for bravery or foolhardiness, and the threat of a fire that could change everything she knows and loves.

Advanced elementary-grade readers will relish Felicity's pluck and determination as she moves beyond the adventures of her books to confront those challenges.

Her bird's-eye view of the world is fun, charming, and traverses the magic of human and nature alike, while the evolution of her courage and her longing for adventure is very well done. Can a little bird stop a big threat? A plucky saga evolves, perfect for chapter book readers who relish animal protagonists." -- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.

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