Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Interlude at Cottonwood Springs by Liz Adair

I just finished a book by the talented Liz Adair, and it is very good.  You can read more about it, here.

Liz Adair, in a word, is a master storyteller.  She has a way of ripping your heart out, and then shoving it back in a little mangled, but also a little wiser than before.  She also did a beautiful job in Interlude at Cottonwood Springs in teaching the universal truth of choices and consequences without becoming didactic.  To be honest, when I started into this story, I began to dislike the characters.  But by the end, I was able to feel compassion for them.  Not that I excused their faults or their foolish choices, but I was able to see their inherent value as people.  And it was thanks to Ms. Adair's fantastic skills as a writer. 

As one of the characters aptly put it,  "Sometimes you make choices that are wrong, and it's not just a mistake.  You know what you're doing is wrong.  Later on you can be sorry for what you've done.  You can even be forgiven for what you've done.  But that doesn't- that can't change-  
"Even though you're sorry, even though you're forgiven, the consequences of your choices stand.  You can't change them."

 I am so glad I was able to experience this story.

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