Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Into Books!

Today, I had a great experience at Spring Into Books, an event hosted at The Viridian Events Center in West Jordan.  Many authors attended this terrific events as well as hundreds of people from grandparents to little kids.  I had the luck of sitting next to Nathan Croft, an author whose first book Homunculus and the Cat published by Curiosity Quills is coming out in August.  The premise, he explained, was that all of earth's myths are true.  There are all sorts of mythical creatures running around, including some Artificial Intelligences who have recently escaped from the Yakuza (The Japanese Mafia).  The Cat, referred to in the title, is a flying kitty who dies in the first chapter.  Fortunately, with nine lives, this kitty doesn't stay dead.  It sounds like an extremely exciting book with lots of stuff going on, and I look forward to reading it!

Mikey Brookes and the rest of the people responsible for putting Spring Into Books together, did a fantastic job!

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