Saturday, May 9, 2015

School Visit May 8

Yesterday, I went down to St. George to visit Diamond Valley Elementary.  What a great visit!  The students were fantastic, and their teachers, too.  And I learned something new!  I've been saying Denouement wrong!  I still can't quite pronounce it right, but I know not to say it the way I've been saying it.  Silly me! 

Anyway, it was a great visit.  The students and faculty were very welcoming.  And I was so tickled to see my name up on the school's marquee!

The kids helped out a lot, especially with the little play at the end.  They did a great job.  And they were so willing to participate, to answer questions, and talk about the parts of a story's plot.

I hope that the kids of Diamond Valley Elementary had as much fun as I did.  I really enjoyed visiting them, and I hope that they learned something to use when they write their own books someday!

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