Friday, July 19, 2019

The Ultimate Life by Jim Stovall

Ultimate Gift, The (c) 2007 by Jim Stovall
I recently listened to The Ultimate Life by Jim Stovall. It is the sequel to The Ultimate Gift which was made into a movie by the same name. I enjoyed listening to the audio of The Ultimate Life. In it, Jason Stevens finds that he has to prove to his family that he did indeed learn the lessons his grandfather wanted him to learn because they take him to court trying to take the huge trust he inherited away claiming that he can't handle it, and they are the rightful, legal, ethical owners of the money Red Stevens left behind.
I understand that the book The Ultimate Life had several inconsistencies to the book The Ultimate Gift, because the book followed what happened in the movie The Ultimate Gift rather than in the book, causing some slight inconsistencies between the two books. That didn't bother me personally, since I hadn't read the book The Ultimate Gift anyway. I thought that some of the characters were a little cartoonish, particularly the lawyer for the family, but overall, I enjoyed the message. As in The Ultimate Gift, Jason has to show that he has mastered 12 gifts:
1. The Gift of Work
2. The Gift of Friendship
3. The Gift of Money
4. The Gift of Family
5. The Gift of Gratitude
6. The Gift of Laughter
7. The Gift of Problems
8. The Gift of Learning
9. The Gift of Dreams
10. The Gift of a Day
11. The Gift of Giving
12. The Gift of Love
The story is told from the perspective of the judge overseeing the case, and we get to see him as he too tries out each of the 12 gifts in his own life.
I think The Ultimate Life is a good book to inspire people to bring lasting fulfillment into their own lives, and the lives of others and I recommend to anyone who enjoys uplifting books.

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